February 24, 2018

Application form Valhacks 2018


  • Welcome to Valhacks ! The DTU Hackathon organized by BEST in collaboration with Microsoft and hosted by Skylab. Valhacks is a 24h Hackathon where teams of 3-5 students can develop on any IT project that they want. Sponsoring companies such as Microsoft will be presenting a task as well and teams can choose to solve the task, running for special prizes from the company. Each team should contain at least one team member with an IT background, since a small demo should be presented at the end of the hackathon. If you are a team of less than 3, you are also encouraged to apply as individuals or in smaller groups. There will be a team-formation period at the start of the event.

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  • One of our main goals in BEST is bringing Universities, Students and Companies closer together. In this regard, we often send CVs from DTU students to companies that are interested in hiring. If you, or one of your team members, would like to include your CV into our database, please upload a "pdf" file with your Curriculum. The maximum file size is 2MB.