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Summer Courses 2013

You don’t know what a BEST Summer Course is? There is too much awesomeness in a BEST Summer Course to be put into words. But just to get a general idea, at a summer course you go to a great city, meet new awesome people, study by day, party by night, make new friends and have the experience a lifetime. It is a great opportunity to meet students from all over Europe while learning interesting things and having fun. All this is covered by a very low participants’ fee. Apply HERE.


The deadline for applying is almost here, so hurry over to the list of summer courses and pick your favorite courses. Then you only have to write a motivation letter and wait for hopefully being accepted. For tips and tricks about how to write a motivation letter, check out this article. This season, you can choose from the following courses:

Aalborg LEGO Robotics to Conquer the World
Almada Back from a Dry Future : Create me a River
Ankara Solar Energy-Let the Sunshine in!
Brasov Biomass for Bioenergy
Bratislava Brace yourself, the robots are coming!
Brno Design your own materials
Brussels The future of human robot interaction
Bucharest Imagin3D.Liv3D.Design3D
Budapest Lecshow – Learn it, Cook it, Show it!
Chania Code name:M.APPL.E (Materials & Applications
for Environment)
Chisinau Why play good games? Create one!
Cluj-Napoca Tomorrow’s World.Let’s make it last!
Coimbra Air’novation: innovations in air transportation!
Copenhagen The Next Must, Think Robust!
Ekaterinburg B12 – discovering yourself
Faro Algarve 007- The SUN is more than Enough!
Ghent Highway to Ghent! Reducing the Carbon
Footprint of Cars
Gliwice Wazz APP? Show us that you can make
IT mobile
Gothenburg Technology in Sport
Helsinki The circle of idea -> product
Iasi We give you M&M skills… find the BEST way
to use them!
Istanbul #Sustainability, Trending Topic of the Industry!
Istanbul Yildiz He says East, she says West. We call it
Kraków ‘People, make a circle!’ – become a graphic
Las Palmas Algorithmtation – From algorithms to
implementation & beyond!
Leuven Energy – your everyday Superpower!
Liege From water to electricity, what a dam(n) story !
Lisbon Want it! Dream it! Create it! You can do it!
Ljubljana The Game Of Woods
Lodz Predominate the Energy You should! Join the
Jedi Academy!
Louvain-la-Neuve Tell me how you move, I’ll tell you what to
Lviv Homo sapiens -> Homo Analyticus. Next
step of evolution.
Madrid Next station, sustainable education
Madrid Carlos III Spainergizer: Power up your mind!
Messina What is communication? Baby don’t wire me,
don’t wire me, no more!
Naples A Clockwork House
Nis May the Skills Be With You!
Patras Makers of the future, here are your keys!
Podgorica Get Up Start Up
Porto From Grape to Great
Prague Let’s Walk Together Over the Vltava River
Riga H2O. Think outside the sink!
Rome Tor Vergata SMART ENERGY – Don’t waste it…use it BEST!!
Skopje Unemployed today – entrepreneur tomorrow.
Challenging enough?
Stockholm Parallel Magic
Tallinn The name is Bond, Ionic Bond: Chemistry at
its awesomeness
Tampere BEST Collaborative Coding Experience
Timisoara When Life gives you RObots, you give them
Timisoara Bringing Education and Entrepreneurship
under student scope
Uppsala Here’s our planet, so save it maybe?
Veszprém How It’s Made?
Vienna Game ON: From Theory to Practice!
Vinnytsia Be active, hire effective!
Wroclaw Let me show you how less can be more –
Modern Architecture
Zagreb Technology, water you thinking about?
Zaporizhzhya Eat your M&M’s! Delicious
Marketing & Management

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