BEST Training Day: Project Management Training

As you move ahead through your studies at DTU, you are likely to face more complex and difficult challenges. Some of these will involve the learning of new concepts, the completion of many tasks in a precise sequence, the coordination of different people in your team, and the expenditure of a great deal of time, effort and money.

Whether you succeed or fail with these projects depends on how good your project management skills are. While the very simplest projects can be managed easily by applying common sense and just getting on with things, projects that are more complex need a great deal of planning, and benefit from a formal, disciplined management approach. From making sure that activities will actually meet the specified need, to devising a workable schedule, developing systems for reporting progress, and managing requests for changes, completing projects on time – all of these issues require thoughtful consideration, which in turn can guarantee the success of your project.

There are many different areas, where you can use your project management skills. Starting with the usual project work in your courses and various DTU team-competitions, continuing to involvement in various student organisations and initiatives or even organising a surprise birthday party for your best friend and moving into a new apartment – all of those events will benefit from a structured approach and efficient execution.

Regardless of your line of study you are guaranteed to work with projects once you enter the professional life and having theoretical and practical experience with project management will give you an edge on the job-market. Managing projects well requires a great deal of time, skill, and finesse. There are many sides to project management and this is what makes it so interesting and demanding. Project managers are expected to take an uncertain event and make a certain promise to deliver. They are also expected to do this within a specified time and within a limited budget.

During the project management training we will cover the main areas on the field. We will start with our quiz, which helps you assess your current skills levels. Then explore the key areas of project management, learn how to schedule projects, and find out how to manage change so that your projects are accepted and embraced by the people they affect.

Apply before April 13 by filling this form and remember to indicate the areas of project management that you would like to explore in depth, so that we provide a training that is useful and relevant for YOU!

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