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Updates about BEST Cph in general


BEST Copenhagen Summer Course is here

  Are you amazed by how fast your brand new phone or computer suddenly seems horribly old and slow. Did you know that the same can be said about 3D medical scanners? Each year...


BEST Autumn Course Information Event

Applications for BEST Autumn Courses are now open! Go to one of 16 destinations throughout Europe! Spend 10 days in Valladolid, Spain for FREE, all included (accommodation, food etc), all you have to pay...


EBEC Copenhagen 2015

On the 4th of March, 2015 The library of DTU provided a great location for this year’s BEST Engineering Competition. The event consisted of Team Design. Provided by one of the most prestigious companies...


Exam period: Good luck!

To all DTU students: We wish you plenty of good luck, no stress and high grades in this exam period! ūüôā


Apply for Spring Courses

Want to¬†travel to¬†and explore Europe this Spring, have a great time¬†with other european students and learn about engineering related subjects at the same time for only ‚ā¨ 40?¬†Then apply for BEST winter courses:


We have a brand new board!

We are happy to announce that we have a brand new board here in Copenhagen! These six people will lead our LBG to next level of awesomeness, starting from September 1st: – Marie Rasmussen...