DTU student at a BEST summer course in Messina

Thomas, studying Physics and Nanotechnology at DTU, went to a BEST summer course in Messina, Sicily (“Energy from Solar Systems: the Sun even by Night”), from 26 August 2011 until 3 September 2011. Let’s see what he has to say about it 🙂

Some people walk around contend with their knowledge of the world. Other people seek out knowledge and go to school. Some people even choose to go to DTU to become part of the engineering elite.And then some people just go that step further, even spending their summer going to school.

I was a mere first year student when I was introduced to the concept of BEST summer courses, but I took the chance and applied and I will just say – what a summer it was!

Leaving the rainy Danish summer behind, I headed to sunny Sicily. I was convinced that this was going to be a couple of academically packed weeks providing me with a long awaited break from doing nothing.And the academic expectations were not disappointed; I was educated in both the theory of solar panels as well as the utilization of these in actual power plants, but it turned out that the academic part was not the primary outcome of the course. 40 strangers gathered under the Sicilian sun was the perfect setting for a social experience as well.

From the city rally that showed us the intruiging history of Messina to the overwhelming views of the trek up Mount Etna, and from the moonlight bathing in the ocean to sightseeing in the midday sunyou always had people around you. Eating, sleeping, studying and experiencing Sicily with these people soon changed the strangers to friends.

Through the cultural inputs from the international evening and having to work across nationalities and academic backgrounds, we learned how to work past ethnic differences and became more than just friends.We became family! In but a mere two weeks I came to cherish these people more than I thought possible in such a short time. I don’t think I will ever forget the people I met and the connections I made during this course!

Remember that you can apply to a BEST summer course latest on Sunday, 25th March. There are 47 different courses all over Europe to choose from. Go on best.eu.org/courses and make your pick. Make this summer memorable! 🙂

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