My first Nordic regional meeting experience

It was one of the funniest and coolest way to get to know what BEST is about. A lot of trainings and knowledge transfer was available, and then there were of course parties and get-to-know each other activities. The trainings were very informative and very well planned, which made me comfortable when attending them. The get-to-know activities created a very open and friendly atmosphere, where all the new people didn’t feel any sort of pressure to behave a certain way, which was a very good thing for me.

People in BEST are really open-minded and interested in adding additionally to their already big network. I got to get to know a lot of new people, and the best part is that they are all technical students just as I am. I have learned a lot about BEST and have because of this incredible experience dedicated myself even more in BEST and want to be able to help in any way I can.

If I get the opportunity to attend another RM event, I will without hesitation join – as a participant or a co-organizer.

Looking forward to meeting my new friends in the future,

Urshan Abid

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