Apply for Spring Courses

Want to travel to and explore Europe this Spring, have a great time with other european students and learn about engineering related subjects at the same time for only € 40? Then apply for BEST winter courses:

This season you have the chance of applying to 20 courses in 12 different countries. You can enjoy 2 weeks in Paris for 36 Euros or 2 weeks in Turin for free. That too with ECTS points and a lot of fun. A Spring course last for 7-11 days in March-April, has spots for 24 students from all over Europe and consists of equal amount of party, sightseeing/free time and lectures! The only requirement you have to fulfil is that you are a student at DTU.

Don’t hesitate, apply before the 30th of November and prepare for a winter of a lifetime!

If you have any questions, contact the Copenhagen BEST group at




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