BEST Copenhagen Summer Course is here

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Are you amazed by how fast your brand new phone or computer suddenly seems horribly old and slow.

Did you know that the same can be said about 3D medical scanners?

Each year new and better scanners are made and with them we can see more and more details of our complex and fascinating anatomy.

To efficiently use this explosion in data and knowledge requires advanced algorithms made to automatically do the analysis that doctors and radiographers normally would perform.

This is the fascinating world of Medical Image Analysis. A field in rapid development, constantly developing smarter algorithms and more precise methods for analysis of medical images to aid us in our fight against diseases from WITHIN! This course is your chance to try your hand this exciting topic, learn why this is the future and how to be a part of it!

In this course you will learn about Medical Image Analysis in the most beautiful settings Denmark has to offer. You will get a chance to meet the notorious vikings, now known for their almost unachievable levels of happiness. You will get to explore our country which is known for itโ€™s beautiful cities, beautiful people and even more beautiful beer.

Do you want to organize this awesome course with us. Contact us and we will make sure you will the the BEST summer ever ๐Ÿ™‚

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