BEST Information Event

1911137_707599542624260_1079056430_o 2 weeks in Paris for 36 Euros or 2 weeks in Slovakia for 28 Euros. That too with ECTS points and a lot of fun. Do you want to know how?

Do you;

Want to know what BEST is and what we are doing?

Want to participate in trainings and learn new skills?

Want to organize awesome events for other students?

Want to travel and gain the amazing experience abroad?

Want to have fun?

Want to JOIN our organization?

Yes? Come to meet us and learn how you can become a part of us!

We serve snacks to the people who attend the facebook event, so if you’re coming, just click attend! 😀

Where: DTU Library

When: Tuesday 2014.09.23 17:15 – 18:15

What: An event where we explain how we work within BEST Copenhagen and tell you how you can become a BEST member

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