Don’t YOU deserve the BEST summer ever?

Hey you!

Do you want to have an EXTRAordinary summer? Then we have 2 news for you: one is good, the other one is better πŸ™‚

1.) The good news is that this summer BEST is organising 47 summer courses in 23 European countries.

What is a BEST course? It is an event is organised by students like you, with support from their university and sponsor companies, and it lasts for around 8 to 16 days. It gathers 20-30 students from different technical universities in Europe who want to spend an amazing time together. They get to dive into the crazy experiences provided by the local students and see places no travel agency or a guidebook will be able to show. Besides that, they get a learning experience in a specific engineering topic (through a nice mix of lectures, workshops and company visits) and develop their skills, which will look great on their CV!

The BEST part about these courses is that participants only pay for their plane tickets and a fee of maximum 45 €, which covers the academic part, three meals a day, accommodation, excursions in the city and its surroundings and crazy parties every night.

2.) The better news is that YOU can participate in such a course this summer! All you have to do is: go to, select the courses you want to apply to, write a short motivation letter and apply online before Sunday, 25 March, at 23:00.

If you’re interested in applying, but you don’t know where to start, feel free to write us a mail at or join the next BEST Copenhagen meeting on Tuesday, 20th March, at 17:30 (in meeting room Delta, PF hall, building 101). Here you will be able to meet people who took part in various BEST courses and are very excited about sharing their experiences with you. We will also provide you some tips& tricks for your motivation letter to make sure that YOU will be the chosen one πŸ™‚

Good luck! See you somewhere in Europe πŸ™‚

Your friends from BEST Copenhagen

P.S. Short recap: Do you want to travel to a great place in Europe this summer, have tons of fun there, learn something new, get new friends and develop yourself? Do you want all of these in the same time and almost for free? It is totally possible if you go to a BEST summer course! Just apply online on before Sunday, 25 March πŸ™‚

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