Survival guide

The survival guide is in the making, and will be online soon!

You can also have some fun with these 'facts' about Denmark :)

  • The buses run on time.
  • It's the home of LEGO.
  • There are no nuclear reactors here.
  • You can tell people you've lived in the birth place of Hans Christian Anderson.
  • There is always a party to go to.
  • If you like going topless on the beach nobody will arrest you.
  • Cycling! Danes learn to cycle before they learn how to walk.
  • Free Speech, anybody can say what they like without fear of reprisal.
  • Equality, everybody is equal here and the handicapped get gold plated wheelchairs.
  • Safety. Denmark is so safe that there are no crimes. Nobody gets burgled, nobody gets raped and above all nobody gets their car stolen.
  • Happiest Place on Earth! Denmark is the happiest place on Earth, everybody is so happy and you can see it in their happy smiling faces.
  • Low suicide rate. Because Denmark is so happy the suicide rate is so low. Last year there were only 7 suicides in the whole of Denmark and three of those were mercy suicides so do not count.
  • International community. The international community in Denmark is thriving. There are more people moving to Denmark than leaving and the buzz is spreading all over the world that Denmark is the place to be.
  • Multi culturalism and tolerance. Denmark has embraced its immigrants and all schools teach understanding and rejoicing in differences.
  • The official language of Denmark is Danish. However, English is spoken and understood by majority of the population and is even mandatory in basic school.
  • Human Rights. Denmark has a spotless record when it comes to human rights, and has twice recieved the Worlds Best Treater of Humans award from Sting.
  • Vikings. Vikings come from Denmark.
  • Its the awesome place, where you'll spend your summer ;)