Apply to “Engineering Education 2020: Meet the Future”

SEFI, one of the biggest organisations in engineering education issues worldwide, organises the conference “Engineering Education 2020: Meet the Future” in Thessaloniki (Greece), from 23-27 September!

Thanks to the strong cooperation of BEST and SEFI, an awesome opportunity is given to 35 students, from all over Europe, to participate in this huge event!

200+ professors and 100 students from all over the world will work together for 3 days. There will be presentations, training sessions, open-space technology and many other activities through which students and professors will be able express their ideas, network and form the future of engineering education! The social part will be taken care of as well 😉 All the 4 nights you will have the chance to enjoy the BEST spirit of Local BEST Group Thessaloniki and experience the unique character of the city!

Arrival day: 23 September
Conference-activity days: 24-26 September
Departure day: 27 September

The conference registration fee for students is 0 euros (free!)
Accommodation, food and transportation will be covered with a fee of 50 euros.
(If you don’t need accommodation, then you don’t have to pay this fee)

How to Apply
Log in here and write your motivation letter before Tuesday the 17th of July, 23:00 CEST. Selection results will be announced until the 22nd of July and the deadline to pay the accommodation fee is on the 3rd of August.

For more information on this conference, check out the official website and the Facebook page of the event.

And because today is Friday 13th, here are 13 reasons to apply to this conference:

  1. You will be on the edge of educational evolution
  2. You want to share your ideas and make your opinions heard
  3. You have the chance to discuss with professors from all around the world
  4. You will meet some of the biggest companies worldwide
  5. You will network even more than Spiderman
  6. You will experience other aspects of education
  7. You have the chance to meet with awesome BESTies and members of SEFI
  8. You will get trained on soft skills!
  9. You will learn what happens in other universities of the world!
  10. You will enrich your CV with an international conference!
  11. You will represent the students’ point of view on engineering education themes
  12. Knowledge is power…and you will gain a lot!
  13. And, of course, because September in Thessaloniki… is still summer! 🙂

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