February 1, 2014


The story of LBG Copenhagen begins in the year 1991, where we first got introduced to BEST. One year later our journey began as full members at GA Liege, and since then Copenhagen has established itself as a strong, innovating and at times a slightly crazy LBG.


Starting in 1994 a summer course has been held in Copenhagen every year, often being one of most applied for and cooperating with leading Danish companies such as Lego. Noteworthy summer courses include the one in 2003, which took place in Greenland, and the one in 2007 which had 60 participants!


LBG Copenhagen has hosted almost all of the big events there is to host for an LBG. These include the GA in 2004, which was hosted in cooperation with LBG Lund. Here everything was built from scratch, e.g. the sports hall was used as a giant sleeping hall. But even though this GA was not hosted in a big hotel (as most of the recent GAs have been) it is still remembered as one of the BEST GAs ever. Maybe because of the atmosphere you get from sharing sleeping and shower facilities with some 250 people.


In 2011 LBG Copenhagen hosted PM, repeating the success of using the sports hall as sleeping hall. LBG Copenhagen is in many ways a pioneering LBG. We were the first to host a Joint Board Training event for the Nordic LBGs, and we were the first to host the EBEC Nordic finals in 2010, back then called NORDBEC. This year we are repeating the success by hosting EBEC Nordic again.


Over time, LBG Copenhagen has had a strong international involvement. Having members from our LBG represented in the XVI, XVII and XVIII boards of BEST, and currently having members in the international committees.


LBG Copenhagen is a very international LBG, often having more foreign students at the meetings than Danish, and often having foreign students in the board.