14 December, 2011

About us

What we do

In BEST Copenhagen we are organizing several events throughout the year, the biggest ones being the annual Summer Course, EBEC  (European BEST Engineering Competition) with Microsoft and our own hackathon ValHacks. In addition we have smaller events such as 4 hours training sessions for both BEST members and DTU students and a lot of social events for our own members. We are regularly visited by BESTies from other european countries.

For all our events we set up a core team of people, to make sure no one is left alone with a big task. The core team usually spend a lot of time together and will get to know each other very well.  Our philosophy is: Work hard, Play hard. No organizing without having fun!

Besides organizing events we are continuously working on improving our organization. In order to keep the organization running it is crucial to continuously recruit new members and integrate them well to the group, to let the students know that we exist and advertise for our services and of course to raise money for all our projects.

Working Groups

BEST Copenhagen consists of 3 working groups to cover all the above described areas:

  • HR (Human Ressources)
    In the HR working group, we are working on everything related to the internal structure of our LBG – this means both making the LBG grow by recruiting new members and strengthening the LBG by arranging social events and training sessions.
  • PR (Public Relations)
    In the PR working group we have 3 very important tasks:
    (1) Promoting all of our events and services of BEST,
    (2) Designing materials (posters, flyers, roll ups, websites etc.) for all events
    (3) Updating all our social medias.
    Everybody is welcome in the group – especially if you have some great ideas!
  • FR (Fund Raising)
    The FR team is in charge of Fundraising and Corporate Relationships. We are responsible for finding the financial resources necessary to BEST Copenhagen activities, and to ensure that BEST is represented in the corporate world. As a FR team member you get the opportunity to meet with companies such as Microsoft, Bang&Olufsen or Novo Nordisk. You can develop your communication, presentation, negotiation skills and enlarge your professional network. This can be a real boost to your career.

Weekly Meetings

We strive to meet up every week, Tuesdays at 5.30 pm, to get some work done. Usually the meeting starts with a short update/presentation from the board, then we split into working groups and then the core teams of the different events will have time to continue their work.

Usually there will be served some snacks & drinks during the meeting, followed by dinner and eating together after the meeting.

Social Activities

Every month we will do a social event for all our members, such as christmas/easter lunch, boxing training event, movie nights, canoe trips etc., so we can get to know each other better and have some fun together. Once or twice per year we do a Motivational Weekend, which is a weekend full of fun and training sessions. Besides these events, it is common among the members to arrange social activities themselves.

All in all BEST Copenhagen is an organization for you if you strive for international networking, developing your soft skills, cooperating with other students, companies and universities and  to get involved in cool events! All while having fun and making friends for life!

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