BEST Copenhagen’s Annual Report 2011/2012

Our annual report 2011/2012 marks yet another successful year for BEST Copenhagen. A year in which, with the support of our university, foundations and sponsors, we have organised several big events, both for students at DTU, as well as for international students from all over Europe.

These events include: a cultural exchange with the BEST group from Istanbul Yildiz, a time management training open for all students at DTU, an engineering competition for professors at the 7th CDIO conference, a summer course on robotics for 22 international students and the second biggest internal event in BEST called Presidents’ Meeting 2011. Except for these big events, we have also organised internal trainings, fun events (BBQ, Christmas Lunch, going to paintball and parties) and motivational events.

The annual report also includes a support letter from the president of DTU, impressions from participants to our events, stories from BEST alumni and a guide on how to apply to BEST courses. It also contains an overview of all BEST Copenhagen’s members from the period February 2011-February 2012.

You can read it online here. Let us know what you think about it 🙂


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