Apply to spring courses

The time has come to apply for the spring courses. The deadline for your application is 2 December 2012 at 12:00 CET, but please don’t wait until the last moment and apply already now!

This season you can apply to one of the following BEST Educational events:

Reykjavik, Iceland – Let’s heat it up! Geothermal energy in action.
Paris, France – Be ready, green energy is coming!
Kaunas, Lithuania – 10^-9 Zoom it! Feel it!
Saint Petersburg, Russia – Beware, ENERGYneers! Now you’re playing with power
Thessaloniki, Greece – Casting Buildings: Energy AUDITionS
Belgrade, Serbia – Quantity or Quality, that is the Question?
Gdansk, Poland – Flowchitecture – Floating Way Of Living
Lille, France – I’m going mobile ! How to keep the world on turning ?
Lyon, France – Hi Lyon, I just met you, poke me maybe!
Moscow, Russia – baNANOtechnology! Myth or Reality?
Grenoble, France – Biomass: Tap the wood stock !
Delft, Netherlands – Do not despair! We can still save the Polar Bear!
Turin, Italy – FuTurin!! How Smart can your City be?
Bordeaux, France – Fly with us, and the world will be yours!
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina – The art of SecurITy – see what happens on the other side
Novi Sad, Serbia – digITal world – bring IT on!
Milan, Italy – You can Start me Up!!!!
Paris, France – Back to future cities

We can assure you that each of these will be an awesome experience. Whether you decide to go to St. Petersburg or Reykjavik, the event is going to be unforgettable and you will have a lot of crazy stories to tell when you get back home.

Don’t forget, all you have to do is send a motivation letter, pay a small fee and buy your flight ticket. The course organizers will take care of everything else.  In case you need a couple of tips on how to write a great motivational letter, please read the following article.

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Best of luck with your applications!

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